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Programm of the week in Germany

Teams were supposed to join the other partners from 23rd March to 27th March 2020 and had prepared all the activities according to the form and to the programme arranged by the German chief coordinator:


-Welcome at school,

Students from  Wales, Spanien, Italien inform  about country, town, school with pictures in a power point,

- nomination of Gentle Teaching ambassadors

- Modern theatre in the hall

Workshop with Welsh coordinator: students and staff to make profiles with


Assembly: We are a community

- English-speaking classes:

Students from Wales, Italia, Barcelona present a powerpoint about  project's principles

- Workshops pillars

- visit to the major


Trip to Munchen


-Workshop for all: drums

- visiting FFH, guided by the German coordinator

- Musical workshop guided by Italian coordinator


Workshop: We are a community with little pictures for every school painted from all members of the worshop

- Saying good bye with videos from mobile phone

- certificates delivery

In particular Italian team had updated the project's website, had arranged presentations regarding the two last principles (2 for each LTTA): We Share, We are a Community, had prepared a presentation of Italian school both in English and in Germany, had dealt with ITT school guidelines related to Gentle teaching principles, thus defining Italian school's pillars, aims and principles; moreover ITT’s staff  had prepared the musical workshop and had 3d printed the badges for the students' ambassador nomination. In order to perfectionate the outcomes the Italian staff had enrolled more participants than foreseen. The German Team had arranged a drum workshop and all the other activities according to the programme. Welsh and Catalan teams had prepared profiles of the participants and descriptions in order to fulfill all the aims of the activities. Due to Corona virus all participants (students and teachers) shared their outcomes through twinspace and the Italian team uploaded them into the website sections.

Italian team has been invited by Italian Agency to apply as role model for this project,

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