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The Gentle Teaching Experience Project


The Project

Project aim is in the area of value education. Social compentences of teachers as well as of pupils will be improved. "Gentle Teaching" was developed by John McGee in the 1980ies. It is a method for pupils who have difficulties in behaviour. McGee travelled around the world to inspire people to use gentle teaching in their work as parents, nursing staff, teacher, manager, psychologists, etc. Gentle Teaching builds a community, which is living its values daily. In excess of the teachings, the method should be lived within the pupil community, it is called "Gentle Experience" then.


In line with the school developement to higher quality, the involved schools will work on good education for difficult pupils. Schools and parents work together with this respectfull and mindfull method of gentle teaching and gentle experience (respectfull acquaintance). Employee and pupil compentences have to be trained.

Pupils will get used to the new concept and will learn to treat each other with more respect and politeness. With this they will gain more compentences which can be used in their later work life. They will train the ability to work in a team. Through the european dimension of our former "key action 1" project we experienced that these important and new impulses from this projects will take fruit in the participating schools.

In an announcement in etwinning these 4 schools were found. They seem very suitable to improve their school developement and education quality with this project. From a big pool of interested schools these schools were selected, because they have experience in this field, which will be a valued input for the results of the project. From this common project new teaching and learning methods will be indrudoced (e.g. Learning-counters, digital learning).

The project is very sustainable as the training includes video recording. By buidling up a messenger employment of all project participants, the project content will be enhanced even over the projects extend.  The messenger employment of the pupils include near and regional schools. Teacher, with a messenger task, will make the project known in and out of regional areas. It is planned, that at least two schools will be accompanied scientifically. By this accompanion a broader publicity will be reached through scientific publishing. As members of the principal teams of all schools are taking part it can be assumed that over-regional publicity will be possible. All five schools agreed to care for distribution and organisation themselves in their country.

With these new competences, methods are gained to give new learning options to difficult pupils. They will be collected in a national and international database and can be accessed publicly.

The pupils are very versatile. Diversity needs variety - this is our motto, which we want to fullfill.

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